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Contact Center Tips for Lead Management Success

On Sep 07, 2016 12:00 PM

Contact Center Tips for Lead Management SuccessMultifamily operators often partner with a contact center to field rental inquiries. It makes sense to ensure your prospect is welcomed by a well-trained, friendly representative who helps prospective residents take the next logical step in the leasing process.

While you don’t have much control over why and how many people choose to move, you do have control over your prospect management process. Contact center location, call scripts, reporting, and technology each impact your NOI.

For example, focusing on your prospects and helping them take the next logical step makes good business sense as well as making your prospect feel heard. In order to do this well, a prospect-centric leasing process is vital. This approach puts your prospect at the center of the leasing process. Contact center representatives that are able to answer key questions about amenities of the apartment community and surrounding neighborhood give your prospective renters the information they need.

Improve Your Lead Management Success with These Approaches 

  • U.S. Based
    Your contact center should operate 365/24/7. That way, more calls are answered. When your contact center representatives are U.S. based, they understand what’s important to your prospect and can build rapport. 
  • Skip the Script –
    Scripts can come off as too salesy and turn off your prospect or push them towards the wrong home. The best contact center representatives are conversational and listen thoroughly. For example, your representative may ask the prospect questions such as how many bedrooms they want and if they have pets. But can you also find out what’s MOST important to them in their next new home? For example, proximity to shopping or if it comes with a washer and dryer?

When your contact center representatives have the leeway to have a real conversation with the prospect, you get better results. You want to find out what’s most important to the potential resident so you can help them make the best decision when choosing their next apartment home.

  • Align Your Communication with Your Prospect’s Behavior
    Today’s prospects are on the go. Many of them don’t want to use the phone but instead want to email, use a chat or a self-scheduling tour tool that’s available on your website.

For those prospects who do call, they may be looking for more information about floor plan layouts, neighborhood schools or shopping. Mapping software ensures your representatives have as much (or more) information about the community you’re your prospect so they can the details they need to help your prospective resident make the next logical step in the leasing process. 

  • Part of the Team
    You want your contact center to be enthusiastic and as customer focused as you are. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression. Your contact center staff should have a great attitude, be friendly, accountable, resourceful and detail-oriented.

You also want them to be flexible, proactive and able to build rapport with the prospect.

Improving your NOI doesn’t start with spending more money but instead with identifying where your gaps in effective lead management are so you can close them. Common gaps lie within customer service and technology; fortunately, these can be closed with the right tools.

How are you meeting the changing prospect management demands ?

Download the 10 Critical Attributes of an Effective Multifamily Contact Center and see how your contact center measures up.



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