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Improve Multifamily Prospect Engagement With Customized Email and SMS

On Apr 13, 2016 12:00 PM

Improve Multifamily Prospect Engagement With Customized Email and SMSIt’s clear that consumers shop differently for homes than they did in the past. In today’s world, they’re likely to send texts, emails or even make phone calls when it’s convenient for them and that can be anytime of the day or night.

Not only do they expect an immediate response, but they also want it to come through their preferred channel of communication, and for many potential lessees that’s SMS. Yet, the multifamily industry has not widely adopted SMS technology into their sales and marketing process, which hampers communication between prospects and slows down the lead-to-lease time.

When multifamily operators adopt all three primary communication tools - phone, email and SMS, and integrate it into their sales and marketing process, then the entire leasing process flows in a more natural way.

Here’s how it can work.

The Right Multifamily Prospect Engagement Leads to an Increased Number of Signed Leases

1. You’re Trading in Their Currency

When you insist upon a phone call when the prospect wants text, you’re placing a barrier in their path. Today’s technology allows you to establish a mix of automated messages and personal touch delivered via text or customized email so the prospect can make a decision to move to the next logical step in the leasing cycle.

This speeds up your entire lead-to-lease pipeline.

2. Automated Drip Campaigns

In case you’re not familiar with drip campaigns, the idea is that you automate a series of messages that “drip” out over time to keep a prospect engaged. For example, if someone is looking for a new apartment home 2-3 months out, you can send updated information on unit availability through automated messages spread out over a few weeks.

You can automate the messages that are the same for every engagement, which saves your leasing agents’ time. For instance, the program can be set up for a triggered SMS message as soon as someone changes his or her status to application pending.

3. Competitive Advantage

Your real-time response gives your prospects the information they want, when they want it and through the desired channel.

You’re able to share apartment home pricing, set up a showing via text and even shoot over a quick survey after a showing. All of this gives a competitive advantage to your multifamily apartment community.

4. Integrate It with the Leasing Process

As you may be aware, only a small amount of property management companies have any drip campaigns at all. Of those that do, they haven’t incorporated it into the sales process, so there is a lack of visibility into the marketing and sales platform.

This leaves them at a disadvantage when it comes to engaging with prospects and helping him or her find their new apartment home. When your leasing agent knows what was sent, to whom and when, your leasing process moves quicker.

When you have the technology to seamlessly transition between phone, SMS and email, all supported by automated drip campaigns, then you’re able to trade in the currency of your prospects and deliver the right message at the right time using their preferred messaging tool.

That’s powerful.

Let us know how customized emails and SMS have helped your multifamily prospect engagement in the comments below.

We invite you to watch The Changing Nature of Prospect Management in Multi-Family today and learn how affordable SMS technology can be and how it can integrate within your leasing cycle.






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