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The Attributes of an Effective Contact Center

On Sep 14, 2016 12:00 PM

The Attributes of an Effective Contact CenterThere’s a lot going on in the minds of your prospects as they look for a new apartment home. They could be excited as they look for a new home to accommodate their expanding family or they may be riddled with anxiety as they downsize after a divorce. No matter the reason, moving is stressful.

An effective contact center serves as first impression of your multifamily apartment community by making sure the phone is answered 24/7 and the prospect is put at ease by their conversation with the contact center representative. After all, in today’s hyper-connected world, prospects want instant information that’s personalized for them.

As a multifamily housing operator, you can meet the changing expectations of today’s prospective renters while becoming more efficient and profitable. It all starts with having a pro-active contact center.

3 Attributes of a Highly-Competent Contact Center

1. Prospect- Centered Architecture

Most contact centers are property focused rather than prospect focused. Taking the later approach can make a big difference in your profitability. Your contact center representatives can be trained to build rapport by focusing on the customer and listening to discover what is most important to them and in turn, make suggestions that will guide them to the right home.

Customers want unit specific details and neighborhood amenities when they call. Mapping software can help your contact center representatives “see” these elements so they can convey important information to your prospects.

The result is your leasing agents spend more time with prospects that are in a ready-to-lease mindset because they’ve already determined which of your apartment communities could be a good fit for them.

2. Superior Reporting Platform 

Every operator wants visibility into their leasing process. The technology exists to provide clarity on the best marketing sources and track how many leads turn into leases. However, it’s time-consuming and prone to human error to search multiple platforms to gather the data you need to get a full view into your leasing process. A contact center should provide you with easy-to-read reports to inform your operations and marketing decisions.

Wouldn’t you like to discover your most profitable marketing channels? We’ve seen some operators trim marketing costs by 10-20% without affecting their leads.

3. Multi-Channel Support 

Many prospects will email rather than call. A good contact center can handle email inquiries and provide outbound personalized services so your customer doesn’t fall through the cracks and instead, receives the information they need in a timely manner.

Your contact center can even free up your onsite leasing associates’ time by handling maintenance requests and customer service calls from current residents.

Improve NOI with a Customer-Focused Contact Center

You already know that it is people who rent your apartment homes, not guest cards. When your representatives are able to help your prospects feel like the individuals they are right from the beginning then you’re able to help them easily make the next logical decision in the leasing journey.

You also realize the way prospects seek information has changed. They expect instant answers to their inquiries and a personalized approach to the highly personalized experience that is finding their next home. An effective contact center can help you meet these expectations and increase your NOI.

There are seven more attributes of an effective contact center, download the checklist today and see how yours measures up.



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